Yeshaya has done the 100 Word Challenge this week.

…As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face…

My report was so fantastic. I turned around and saw amazement on my parents’ faces,

“Well done Yeshaya your first ever report, that is pretty good!” my dad said in astonishment.

I asked my mum how I did – she gave me a little, “meh It’s alright I guess.”

“But mum this is my first ever report that is good!”

“You’re at standard in maths. I wanted you to be ABOVE STANDARD!” she shouted with frustration.

“Maybe next time son,” said my dad sorrowfully.


  • Terry Team 100WC

    Hey Yeshaya, well done with your 100WC I like your use of conversation and your good punctuation. It is a shame the mother in the story is not more encouraging but don’t worry the story is straight to the point and very good. I particularly liked the use of capitals to show the mother is shouting; it reminded me of Terry Pratchet’s character called ‘Death’. Well done.

  • Yeshaya Bullmore

    Hi Terry, I am so glad that my 100 word challenge has been accepted by such a cool person. When I was writing it I hadn’t expected it to be as good as it seems. Thank you for giving me such a good comment which has boosted my confidence to write more!!!!

  • Yeshaya, You will soon realise that I’m only cool because I live in Northeast England. It is always ‘cool’ and windy up here. Enjoy the next prompt and keep up the good work.

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